Consultants and Advisors - [MDs, PhDs, MBAs, Biotech Experience​]



  • ​Successful Track Record Clinical Development/Cancer CRO​
  • Business Licensing with Big Pharma-Deals Closed​
  • FDA and Global Regulatory Experience ​
  • GMP Manufacturing Oversight​
  • Maximizing Value of Assets for Shareholders-Exits​
  • High Quality Committed Consultants with Fair Pricing​

    • Large well-defined market of unmet clinical need for cancer patients who require radiation therapy
    • 7 issued US patents with a fully paid non-royalty, freely transferable license for its technology
    • Additional International patent claims allowed and pending
    • PhD, MD and Key Opinion Leader input
    • Management team bringing over 20+ years of cancer treatment research, biotechnology distribution and corporate governance 
    • Competitive current valuation for investment
    • FDA Initial Drug Application (IND) submission pathway

      • Delaware Corporation, audited financial statements
      • Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida


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