BioCurity's Market Advantages

Proprietary Technology 


Our technology and drug candidates have the potential to significantly reduce radiation toxicity in newly diagnosed cancer patients undergoing Radiation Therapy, as well as cancer survivors who have returned for more treatment, which includes Radiation Therapy.


Designed to be effective without the risk of interfering with the efficacy of the targeted therapy dosage:


     WILL prevent or mitigate damage to the skin and internal tissue during radiotherapy 


     WILL NOT impair the effectiveness of any radiation treatment on the patient's cancer cells

Market Size 


Some of the adverse side effects of radiation treatment include skin burns, blistering, permanent scarring and damage to internal non-cancer healthy tissue.


The medical care for these side effects is estimated at $3 billion annually in the United States.7,8


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Interests and Demand from Oncologists, Physicians and Healthcare Professionals


Physicians, patients, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, insurance companies and advocates for cancer patient support programs are familiar with the economic costs and wide ranging effects which the damage to normal tissue causes the patients whom are in treatment for their cancer.

Successfully Completed Pre-Clinical Studies


The proposed drugs generated from BioCurity's technology have been preclinically tested for multiple cancers including Breast, Lung, Head & Neck, Prostate and Colorectal Cancer.


The delivery system of the proposed drugs:


Topical: To prevent or mitigate radiation damage to the skin [radiation dermatitis] 


Intravenous [IV]: For protection of the internal tissue[s] against radiation damage

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