NEWS - January 2020:


We are honored, humbled and EXCITED to announce that the Palm Beach Business Development Board (BDB) has issued a Press Release about BioCurity!


Take a look, below:






UPDATES - January 2020:


We are excited to announce our Regulation Crowdfunding Offering is LIVE on StartEngine!






Recently held/attended Events - January 2020:



|January 23rd, 2020| 


The Business Development Board of Palm Beach hosted their monthly BDB Breakfast event, which surrounded Women Founders of impactful and successful businesses in their industries.






Upcoming Events:








Noteworthy Events in which BioCurity was alongside the event coordinators either as a Sponsor, or in a different capacity:


Play for P.I.N.K | February - 2018

[Stonebridge Country Club; Boca Raton, Florida]

*BioCurity participated as a Sponsor


Susan G. Komen | January - 2018

[South Florida; West Palm Beach, Florida]

BioCurity participated and raised approximately $900 and was ranked in the top 10 of corporate teams!




Thank you to all who have supported BioCurity and continue to do so.

Join BioCurity in the fight against breast cancer and the negative effects associated with radiation therapy.


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