Over 1 million cancer patients receive radiotherapy each year in the United States and over 900,000 patients experience medical complications.1,2  These complications may include:


  • Breast Cancer - Skin Damage - Radiodermatitis
  • Lung Cancer - Inflammation and Scarring of the Lungs - Radiation Pneumonitis
  • Head and Neck Cancer - Damage to the Salivary Glands - Xerostomia
  • Colorectal & Prostate Cancer - Damage to the Bowel and Rectum - Entertitis, Proctitis
  • Brain Cancer - Cognitive Decline


It is estimated that approximately 3 billion dollars is spent annually in the United States treating collateral damage caused by radiation therapy.3


1Occurance, severity, and longitudinal course of twelve common symptons in 1129 consecutive patients during radiotherapy for cancer. Hickok et al., J. Pain Symptom Manage. 2005; 30(5):433


2Radiation dermatitis: clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and treatment 2006. Hymes et al., J. Am Acad Dermatol. 2006 Jan; 54(1):28-46


3Based upon cumulative estimated costs of $2.2 billion in 2005 available in medical literature and assumption of increase in costs of not less than the inflation rate in the United States (Bureau of Labor Statistics) from that date through December 31 2016




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